Remote Visualization

With PBS Access from PBS Works, companies can remotely visualize and interact with their data and applications, even across networks with challenging latencies.
The growing trend of data center consolidation has created a larger pool of remote users, and co-location of computing and storage resources for graphics-rich and computing-intensive applications makes eminent financial sense for most companies. By leveraging high-end 3D graphics hardware from the data center across this broader array of users, remote visualization software greatly improves analysis and decision time and lowers costs while improving performance.

Remote visualization eliminates the challenges of data movement and management when working with large data sets, so users can more effectively interpret valuable data and discover the path to new innovations instantaneously. Data transfers, especially large results files, choke the internal networks in addition to slowing the entire process of decision-making and collaboration, hampering the innovation cycle.
“PBS Access is our most significant functionality update since the move to HPC itself. In most cases we are saving a full day of time or more.”
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PBS Access from Altair PBS Works provides remote visualization of data and applications via a web-based portal, so user can visualize and interact with their data and applications, even across challenging data latency networks. PBS Access provides a simple yet powerful interface for remote visualization of large datasets, enabling consolidation of hardware and software resources with reduced software maintenance and deployment costs and securing intellectual property.

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