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Integrating Applications and Managing Workloads with Compute Manager
Compute Manager allows users to submit jobs through a Web-based interface, manage workloads, and immediately review and download the results. Users can also use Compute Manager to plot curves and create animations without needing to first download the results. Compute Manager is application-aware, which means that jobs can be set up on distributed resources with easily configurable application definitions, thereby supporting virtually unlimited solver formats. These jobs are then monitored both graphically and analytically, making results visualization, with secured access, possible from any internet-enabled device.

In this training course, students will learn how to integrate various applications using the Compute Manager interface. Students will not only be shown and taught how to analyze various integrated application definitions, but be technically guided so they can create their own effective and functioning application definitions during this training course.

Class Format
  • 1 day (Start time is 9:00 AM and end time is 5:00 PM)
  • Instructor led
  • Hands-on exercises, one student to a computer
Basic knowledge of PBS Professional is required.
Basic knowledge of Python and XML is recommended.

Manish Amin

Cost: PBS Professional – 3 days is $1200 per person
PBS Professional + PBS Hooks or PBS Compute Manager - 4 days is $1400 per person
PBS Professional + PBS Hooks + PBS Compute Manager – 5 days is $1500 per person

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