Acer and Altair: Leaders in HPC

Companies looking for bulletproof HPC solutions turn to Acer and Altair for technology they can depend on

Value: Simple, Efficient, Powerful Computing

Acer and Altair offer hardware and software solutions that:

  • Simplify HPC usage and management
  • Improve application performance and efficiency
  • Make it easy to migrate to HPC systems
With Acer and Altair’s expertise and global support, cluster and HPC workstation users have a proven solution they can depend on to perform, plus a team of experienced professionals to deliver superior training and support.

New to HPC?

Are you an engineer using CAD/CAE software to design automobiles, wind turbines or machinery? A biostatistician processing data related to drug development? Or any researcher using compute-intensive applications to perform simulations or analyses? You may be an HPC user even if you don’t think of yourself as one.

Users of HPC applications often try to rely on personal workstations or traditional servers to process their work. This often results in long wait times, suspensions, or forced reductions in scope as users struggle to get results.

Clustering the power of multiple system nodes, HPC systems achieve a level of performance far beyond that of a single PC or even a server. If you’re tired of performance issues related to your current system but are unsure about cluster computing, turn to Acer and Altair for a simplified, transition to HPC. For cluster performance benchmarks and tips for migrating to a cluster environment, download the Acer-Altair Cluster Transition Guide.

About the Acer-Altair Partnership

A leader in worldwide computing, Acer is an authorized Altair reseller and includes PBS Professional as a pre-integrated option on all HPC systems. The integrated solution offers significant operational efficiencies and cost savings to users seeking to maximize the value of their cluster or other HPC resource. Read the press release for more information.

Acer in HPC

Acer delivers high-performance computing for high-performing businesses. With Acer Altos servers, Veriton workstations and key industry partnerships, users get exceptional solutions tailored to their business, research, digital content or engineering needs.

Leveraging Acer’s expertise and wealth of resources, companies in a wide range of compute-intensive fields now experience exceptional high-density performance, optimized power consumption, and simplified management and maintenance.

For More Information

Click here to request more information about Acer-Altair HPC computing solutions -- or visit us at ISC’13 (booths 400 and 266).

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